Sunday, September 04, 2005

Best free journal on the web

Strategy+Business" (s+b) is a quarterly print journal/magazine from Booz Allen Hamilton. Its a great magazine targeted at business leaders, academics, and anyone else interested in what is happening in the world of business today, and possibly what will happen tomorrow. The content is varied and, best of all, its freely available on the World Wide Web. Unlike its rival, The McKinsey Quarterly (MQ), all content that are in print is available without charge on the internet at the same time that the print edition is out.

MQ used to offer all its content for free on the web too, but switched to providing premium content for a fee. Some content remains free, but you feel crippled when you can't pursue an interesting topic that is featured because the content is considered premium. I used to refer to MQ quite a lot when I was pursuing my Masters degree in Technology Management a couple of years ago. Needless to say, it was then free of charge on the web.

In any case, s+b is just as good and its still free on the web. You can also get it to send you e-mail updates as and when a new issue is available. You won't miss an issue like that.

Highly recommended.

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